Lavender Bitters
  1. Using glass jars with lids, deposit each of the ingredients in a separate jar.
  2. Pour vodka over the ingredient, until it is covered.
  3. Screw on lids, and leave mixtures on counter.
  4. Shake each jar daily.
  5. Let sit for 6 weeks or so.
  6. Strain each jar into clean jars, discarding the botanicals.
  7. Using a pipette, add a few drops of one of the aromtic liquids into a glass of water and taste. Add a few drops of another aromatic and taste, and so on, until you like the ratio. You can absolutely add some vanilla extract to this as well. I didn’t for mine, but I bet it’d be pretty tasty!
  8. Decant aromatics according to your desired ratio into a dark glass bottle and seal.
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