December 1, 2016

A Very, Merry, Pinterest Christmas.

When people come to my house over the holidays, I think sometimes they’re a bit surprised that there are no rustic swags of evergreens draping every conceivable surface, there are no beeswax candles sputtering merrily in hand-punched tin holders, and there is definitely no popcorn garland wound ’round the tree.

My Christmas is colourful

No sir. My holiday decorations involve a retro white tinsel tree, lots of pink, aqua, quirky vintage ornaments and always, weird and wonderful multi-coloured lights. I think there’s this dichotomy between what people think green living looks like, and what it actually looks like. Being green doesn’t have to mean living like a pioneer. Which, I might add, is totally amazing and so beautiful. But being green can also mean buying used (or vintage, which sounds waay more intentional!), opting for an artificial tree, and making decorations yourself. You can still give into trends or invest in what makes you happy, without sacrificing a desire for a smaller eco footprint.

I have been cultivating my colourful Christmas for a while now. As proof, come down to my basement and you’ll see at least 10 (I know!) large bins, full of beautiful glass ornaments and décor that I’ve been gifted, thrifted, or even, in a moment of craziness, purchased at antique markets: hand painted balls, mercury glass pieces, tiny ceramic elves…alllll of it.

And this year, almost every single piece will stay stowed away in my basement, each item so carefully wrapped in tissue. It’s sad. But I have a very good reason. Actually, two of them: Dash and Violet.

Kittens+fragile vintage ornaments=me, crying over broken glass

Dash and Violet are my daughter’s kittens. We adopted them into our hearts a few months ago. And we’re pretty crazy about them. They’re adorable and hilarious and mischievous. They get into literally everything and are always up to no good. And as much as I love them, I love my delicate, sparkly, and very breakable ornaments too, and I don’t want to see them shattered in tiny vintage fragments on the floor.

There are, of course, a few givens when having kittens underfoot during the holidays.

  • kittens will, at some point, attempt to climb the tree. Even if they’ve never actually seen a real tree, they’ll attempt it. It’s probably some inbred cat thing.
  • Kittens love things that are shiny. Well, kittens and pretty much everyone on earth. I mean who doesn’t love shiny?!? Because kittens love to play and hunt, sparkly ornaments are like an invitation to be batted, knocked around, and ultimately tossed off the tree.

So, in order to combat the kittens’ nature, while embracing my desire for colour, colour, and more colour, all while staying true to my green (and cheap!) nature, I decided to do something I’ve thought about doing, but was never organized enough to actually do.

I’m Pinteresting Christmas this year!

Hooray for Pinterest!

Yup. Sure, lots of people Pinterest their way through Christmas, but I’m taking it up a notch: I am not buying anything to Pinterest with. You heard that right: I’m making stuff, but only using materials I already own. Stuff that I either don’t use, was in the process of donating, or throwing out. It sounds almost impossible. And who knows, it may yet prove to be!

Follow along with me over the next few weeks as I reveal my Pinterest mayhem!!

Happy crafting!

Check out my first Pinterest craft, the lovely advent calendar I made following Gina’s tutorial from Willowday!

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