December 19, 2016

Perler Bead Ornaments in Two Seconds Flat

I bought a huuuuge container of perler beads at Ikea a few years ago. I was going through this whole motor-skills development preoccupation with my daughter and I thought that perler beads would be fun for a three year old. Just so you know, I’ve never been a mom before and I have ideas about things that typically end up being totally insane. I mean, a three year old and tiny beads that involve finicky placement on pegboards?!? What was I thinking!! The whole perler bead fiasco lasted about three minutes. She tried her best, but those sticky little kid fingers of hers kept knocking out all the beads she had so carefully placed. The end result included perler beads all over the floor and plenty of dirty looks (which I think were directed at the beads, but I felt appropriately chastised).

I relegated those perler beads to the back of my craft stash until I could look at them again and not feel the sting of #momfail shame. But then came Pinteresting christmas…

perler beads in cookie cutters on a baking sheet

Perler bead ornaments

I came across this cute tutorial for perler bead ornaments from Kate over at Picklebums. And it was a roaring success. It takes no real skill set, which, is allllllllright in my books. All you need are perler beads and cookie cutters and you’re good to go. Each ornament literally took a minute to make and were ready to be hung within 30 minutes. Talk about immediate results. I love the way they turned out, sorta frumpy and quirky and painfully homemade.

I followed the tutorial as is. Yup: as is. It’s a good tutorial (which I believe puts me at three for three with Pinterest. Yay!)

The verdict:

This tutorial was quick, easy, and relatively painless (and by relatively painless, I mean, the only pain I suffered was locating every single little perler bead off the floor before our nosy kittens found them!). Did I mention these ornaments are quick to whip up??? (In the spirit of full disclosure, it took me longer to photograph the ornaments than it did to make them!). My daughter loved this project, as it didn’t cut into her running around time and she got to hang the ornaments ON THE SAME DAY as making them, which is pretty important to a five year old.

Another win in the Pinteresting Christmas series, these perler bead ornaments are ridiculously easy for kids to do and the results are colourful, quirky, and totally fun!!

Happy Perling!


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  1. Kate - 1 year ago

    So glad you guys had fun making these!
    It’s been ages since we made them, we must do it again!!!

    • Jen - 1 year ago

      Thanks so much for coming up with such a fun tutorial in the first place! We loved doing it!! 🙂

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