September 30, 2015

My Personal Deodorant Detox Challenge

My husband is away for a week. My first plan of action? Deodorant detox. I know, not exactly let my hair down wild and crazy, but I figure this is the perfect time since the only one who has to smell me, other than me of course, is my daughter, and for some reason, she thinks I’m pretty great no matter what I do (or how I smell, apparently).

I’ve been using and making my own deodorant for over a year now. And I’ve been pretty happy with the results. I’m sure you’ve seen posts everywhere about switching to and making your own deodorant, and to answer your burning question: yes, you really do need to detox your way into natural deodorant. There really is no easy way around it, unless you are one of those people who don’t sweat or stink or any variation thereof. In which case, I am totally jealous of you (and so are my stinky t-shirts who have suffered for the natural cause).

diy deodorant detox challenge!

When I first switched from my regular deodorant to a natural one, it was painful. And by painful I mean a total exercise in breathing exclusively through my mouth and standing really far away from everyone. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but it was definitely humbling to suddenly be so aware of odor. I wore no deodorant at all for a week, then began using a homemade version. And I never looked back. Seriously. Just like that, my new deodorant was awesome! There are caveats to that comment (check back in a few days to read all about it here!), but I’ve been really happy with the results and I’m pretty sure my mammary glands are thanking me.

So, why am I detoxing? Well, the thing with making your own deodorant is that you actually have to make it. It literally takes 75 seconds. And when I type that I get so annoyed at myself because I mean, who doesn’t have 75 seconds?? Me apparently. I kept meaning to do it, but sometimes the thought of pulling out ingredients and pouring them into a container is such a drag. At any rate, my well-documented procrastination won out and out of desperation one morning I snuck some of my husband’s deodorant (who, while he supports my “crunchy granola preoccupation”, prefers the cancer causing aluminums and overly-fragranced-propolyene-glycol-gooped-man-deoderant. Not that I’m passing any judgement here. Never.). So, I slicked it on, filled with self-loathing at my own laziness, and that was the beginning of the end. Two months have slipped by. Yes, two whole months. Two months where I’m pretty sure there were 75 seconds of free time, where I could’ve made more deodorant. But I didn’t. And now, here I am, determined to stop the cycle of gross goopy deodorant sneaking.

diy deodorant detox challenge!

Now I could of course, just go cold turkey, like I did the first time I detoxed, but I keep seeing this ACV detox that looks promising and may alleviate some of the stink factor as I’m weening myself from triclosan, parabens, octoxynol, etc. (I’m pretty sure I deserve every. single. day. of stink.)

The best, and easiest version I found comes from Camp Wander. (Check it out!) The only change I made is adding the tea tree oil because I like its astringent and antimicrobial qualities and because, let’s face it, I can probably use all the help I can get!

diy deodorant detox challenge!

Deodorant Detox

1T apple cider vinegar (preferably with the mother)

4 drops lavender

4 drops rosemary

4 drops tea tree oil

Distilled water


Add ingredients to small spray bottle. Fill remainder with distilled water. Spray on clean armpits daily.  It should take a week or two to get all those toxins out.  Wish me (and my armpits) luck!  I’ll check back in to update in two weeks!

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