December 12, 2016

The Felt Garland To End All Garlands

This felt garland. I know. I love it so much I can’t even.

I have to admit, I had my doubts when I started this DIY that it would actually turn out. But, boy was I wrong. I am in love with this DIY. I am now officially two for two, which is restoring my faith in the world of Pinterest (check out my first Pinterest success here). My daughter wants to wear it to school as a scarf, so I feel as though I’m #winning right now.

This felt garland tutorial is from Roberta over at Mommy Like Whoa, and it was super easy to follow. I love doing anything where you don’t have to really measure or be exact.

Full disclosure: I have a felt stash. And felt ain’t cheap. But over the years, I’ve made little crafty things, and I’ve hung on to the felt, just-in-case. My just-in-case realm also extends to paper stashes, fabric stashes, and old greeting card stashes, which slightly irritates my non-clutter loving husband. But my Pinteresting only out of stuff I already have is making him very happy because my stashes are shrinking (I don’t think he’s quite figured out yet that they’re not shrinking per se, they’re really just changing form and will have to be stored in our basement. In yet another bin. Poor guy.)

Felt scraps and a little patience is all you need to whip up this gorgeous felt garland!

DIY Felt Garland

I wanted the end product to look randomly colourful, but I didn’t want it to look messy or have patches of the same colour. So, as I cut my pieces, I piled them separately by colour. When I was done cutting and ready to start stringing, I had about 15 piles, one of each colour of felt I had cut. Not all of my piles were the same size, since I was using only scraps (thus, I had lots of pink but much less navy blue). I know it seems a bit OCD to keep all the colours separate, but I had a plan. A plan that would ensure the garland would be evenly, randomly, and gloriously colourful, from beginning to end.

Creating a mini-run for better colour distribution

To acheive this, I made mini-piles for stringing. I took one or two pieces of cut up felt from each colour pile and created a side pile, basically a mini-run, that I would then string on the garland. I did this in groups of four. Once I had four mini-run piles, I’d start stringing each mini-run.

Since I didn’t want the end result to look painfully perfect, I chose not to put the colours on in any particular order. I also made sure that some mini-runs had a few more of one colour than another mini-run, to help give it a more jumbled vibe. By making mini-piles of the cut up felt, I ensured that from the beginning to the end of the garland, there would be a fairly even distribution of colour (meaning, I wouldn’t run out of orange in the first half, or have a big chunk that was all red and green.)

The verdict:

This was the most time consuming of the projects I attempted this year, but the result has been so worth it (plus, I got to binge watch Drop Dead Diva. Listen, this is a safe space of non-judgement here, so no commentary on the nonsense I watch when I’m crafting please!)

Total time spent: 8 hours.

But, since it was all spent in the evenings, while chillin’ on the couch, the time went by pretty quickly. If you have a felt stash or even want to just go ahead and buy a bunch of felt, I totally recommend this DIY. One word of wisdom: make sure you have sharp scissors! You’ll thank me, I promise!

I'm Pinteresting Christmas this year! This felt garland was so easy to make, and it looks amazing! Check out the full story here.

Happy stringing!


  1. Selena Eprile - 2 years ago

    That is stunning Jen! doesn’t it feel so awesome to get use up those saved ” just in case items”!

    • Jen - 2 years ago

      Thanks, Selena. I’m so stoked with the results! Plus, it’s got pink in it!! 😉 It DOES feel awesome using up those things I keep that don’t really serve a purpose, other than the hope that I “may” one day need them! Now, to get another bin to store my fancy garland…haha.

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