Little known fact: for almost 20 years I ate pretty much the same breakfast every single morning. Peanut butter on toast. Seriously. 

I’m not even really sure what changed, maybe it was my more mature gastronomical self or maybe I found the fact that I could literally plow through a kilogram of peanut butter in a month a bit depressing. At any rate, over the past six months or so, I’ve begun to branch out. Not eggs really, because honestly, my stomach is never quite ready for eggs in the morning (don’t get me wrong I love eggs, but not before noon. It’s a house rule).

It was on this journey of breakfast enlightenment that I found the wonders of muesli and yogurt. Now, before you ask, yes I realize that it’s the 2000’s and muesli and yogurt is so desperately last century. I know. But I balk at trends just out of spite (it’s probably a sickness). So, now, instead of my PB on toast, most of my breakfasts involve muesli and yogurt with fresh fruit, which looks terribly fancy, especially if I leave my wooden honey spoon haphazardly on my table, just so, with a little pool of honey forming beneath it. It’s so insta-ready.

One morning, I was out of yogurt and at a loss for what to do. Sure I had PB on the ready, but I wanted something comforting and granola-y. It was then I remembered that super-delicious fruit crumble I had made the night before. Chock full of peaches and ripe raspberries and topped with pecans and walnuts and coconut. And I thought, why not?

So I ate it. For breakfast.

And I’m telling you, it was like this life-changing experience! I declared that I would now also incorporate fruit crumble into my breakfast. From that moment on, crumble would becoming synonymous with breakfast and be lauded as the best dessert you’ve never had before 8 am!

Peach blueberry breakfast crumble for breakfast??

Sure. I mean, why not? If you think about it, it’s got your fruit, your proteins, and even some good fats. Plus, it’s warm and comforting and makes you feel bad all that the same time!

So, here’s what I think: let’s start a revolution, a dessert for breakfast revolution. Care to join me?